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H.O.P.E envisions to build a world where children will not only survive but thrive in their life. H.O.P.E has been working with children living in shelter homes for the past 3 years through a large volunteer base. H.O.P.E is building a movement of changemakers who will work with different stakeholders towards a thriving life for children by creating safe spaces for them. These changemakers will start their path as Fellows, helping students in high-need communities for two years. 

The H.O.P.E Fellowship is a two-year paid commitment during which Fellows are placed as mentors in under-resourced and low-income schools. By joining H.O.P.E, you have the opportunity to become experts of social-emotional learning, problem-solvers and design thinkers; and join individuals committed to creating a better and safe future for all children, families, and communities. 

2 Years Journey!

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Who do we look for?

We look for individuals who show leadership potential. 


Your potential as a Fellow can shine through whether you’ve achieved academic honours, managed a complex project at work, led a group on campus, or have rallied support for a cause. But most importantly we look for the following characteristics:


 A deep belief in the potential of all children and a commitment to do whatever it takes to expand opportunities for students. Demonstrated leadership ability and strong interpersonal skills to motivate others.

 Strong achievement in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings. 

Perseverance in the face of challenges, the ability to adapt to changing environments, and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to improve and develop. Excellent critical thinking skills. A drive to continuously learn and develop their skills. Superior organizational ability, including planning well and managing responsibilities effectively. Respect for individuals’ diverse experiences and the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds.

BE a Hope Fellow
and Change Lives

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