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In our country, thousands of children are forced to drop out of their schools and made to work on the fields and as labourers every year, due to poverty and financial crisis. Some of them dream of becoming life-size, but their dreams are crushed by the harsh reality. Some of these children actually have immense potential within them, but they never get the opportunity to develop their potential into a skill.

Our programme, Disha is designed for children above 14 years of age. Disha is a career-oriented programme that enables these children to study and earn a bright future for them. We provide various training related entrepreneurship, life skills, soft skills and Digital Literacy.

In Disha, our focus is on the drop-outs to involve them back in the educational system and also towards financial facet of life. We give vigorous training to the children on communication skills, computer training, and personality development and so on. We develop comprehensive, short-term, academic programmes covering both the basic and advanced knowledge of whatever field of study the student chooses, and match the programmes with competent infrastructure.

We are enhancing the quality of life through this project.

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