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Let's Fly

"We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world." 

David Warlick

Hope of People Everywhere has designed a program Lets Fly to work with children for Digital Education enabling them to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge necessary to set and achieve positive goals. Through Let's fly project we will take significant steps towards helping children gain confidence in terms of digital education.

Why It Is Needed

With schools being closed for months, it was e-learning which came to the forefront, across the nation. However, most of the parents in India cannot afford Over-The-Top platforms for their children to study. The situation led the majority of the children to become devoid of educational resources and material. Children enrolled in schools where teachers were not trained for online education platforms, had to opt-out of school. 

But learning must not stop. Hope has been working for shelter homes for 4 years. Through Let's fly project we will work for digitalization of these shelter homes, so that our future generation, the children must not be deprived of the necessary education.


  • Around 90% of India's population is digitally illiterate. (Report by Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2018)

  • Just around 56% of households with children enrolled in government schools have smartphones. (ASER 2020 Education Report)

  • 25.8% of households who send their children to private schools do not have smartphones. (ASER 2020 Education Report)

  • Majority of the roughly two-thirds of all households that reported not having received learning materials during the reference week said they hadn’t received any from the schools. (ASER 2020 Report)

How we do it

We are installing Digital Libraries for children from classes of 1st to 12th. The libraries will be child friendly and easy to comprehend. They will ensure to provide the children with necessary and useful educational resources and materials so that they are not devoid of basic learning and can continue to gain knowledge online. 

Our libraries will be uniquely designed for children of different age groups:

Grade 1 to 3 (age group 6 to 9)

Grade 4 to 6 (age group 10 to 12)

Grade 7 to 10 (age group 13 to 16)

Grade 11 to 12 (age group 17-18)

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