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Happy children;

Happy nation

Digital Hope

In COVID-19 response, HOPE has developed K-12 videos of Science and Mathematics in 2 languages Hindi and English because “learning should not stop during pandemics” The program is open-source for any other organisation or any student that wishes to use it. 

Take a
Our Vision

We dream of a world where children should not only survive but thrive in their life.

Our Mission

To build a movement of changemakers who will work closely with
different stakeholders towards a thriving life for children
and creating a safe space for them.


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” The Changemaker Program will enable youth to develop skills and experience on-ground reality of the development sector which enables them to become a changemaker for a lifetime.

OUR Projects
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 Lets Fly works with children for Digital Education enabling them to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge


Children, who are the mainstay of a country, must be endowed with the best set of knowledge and guidance for a flourishing society


Children in India continue to suffer due to issues like such as lack of safety, poor hygiene, illiteracy and exploitation.

give today to provide a happy childhood to every child

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